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I own a small chain of local automotive instrument stores on the East Coast. We sell all sorts of tools and accessories for keeping a vehicle up and running. I’ve been in the business a long time. I’ve worked at Pep Boys, Auto Zone and just about every other major auto retailer out there. I’m not bragging because despite knowing how to get things done and making sure customers were happy with their shopping experience, I was a lousy employee. Every manager and colleague I’ve ever come across learned one thing about me real fast: I needed to be my own boss. In fact, it was one of my old bosses who fired me that lent me the seed money to open my first business, an auto body shop in Brooklyn.

When I was asked to work with this site compiling information about car instruments like jump starters, scanners and the best ways to buff, I made it quite clear that I’m a very opinionated guy and I’d screen every word for accuracy – twice! Thankfully, they pretty much kept their word. If they disagreed with me on any of the information, they still gave me last word after a nice, long, teeth-grinding debate.

My friends call me Gustavo. My employees call me Mr. Gus. (Just kidding. They call me Mr. G.) For a lot of the material you’re going to find here, I used my own staff to review and get professional opinions. I can say things got a little heated from time to time and I had to hold my stubborn tongue while carefully listening. (Seeing a pattern here?)

In the end, I think we put together some great stuff about how to make yourself an authority on these car instruments. It should simplify choosing the best of the best accessories you need for your car. If you have any questions or comments about any of the material, feel free to drop us a line.