5 Best Jump Starter Reviews and Ratings

The best jump starter ensures you’re ready if your engine fails.

If you’ve owned a vehicle long enough, you’re probably had at least one experience where – for one inexplicable reason or another – you put the key in the ignition and got nothing. While that situation is never convenient, it’s worse if you’re in a mall parking lot or stuck on the side of a highway. Now, you’re dependent on the kindness of strangers, waiting for a friend or family member to come to you, or paying a nice fat sum for a tow truck to come out just to juice your battery.

With a charged portable car battery jumper in your trunk, you’ll never have to worry about this frustrating scenario. Better, our jump starter reviews will show you the broad range of solutions these car instruments offer outside of a jump.

Our Top Rated Jump Starters

  • Jump-N-Carry 660
  • PROFORMER Technology: engineered for density and durability, promising maximized power.
  • The 46 inch cables will make connections easier even in awkward spaces.
  • Price: See Here!
  • Stanley JUMPiT 1000
  • An ideal solution for jump starting a car, truck, boat, RV, motorcycle or tractor.
  • The charger comes with an LED light that swivels 270 degrees so you can put light where you need it.
  • Price: See Here!
  • Micro-Start XR-10
  • This device is the best selling mini jumper, considered the product that launched mini jump starters.
  • It’s small enough to carry in a pocket, but has the power to jump cars, trucks, ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles and boats.
  • Price: See Here!

Best Jump Starter Reviews

1. Jump-N-Carry Peak Amp 12-Volt Jump StarterJump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Peak Amp 12-Volt Best Jump Starter


  • The 46 inch cables will make connections easier even in awkward spaces.
  • The jump starter delivers great cranking power and extensive cranking duration across numerous charges for long time periods.
  • The PROFORMER is engineered for density and durability, promising maximized power.
  • There’s a voltmeter that lets you see battery status with the single press of a button.

  • The unit has been known to be delivered defective.
  • While manufacturer instructions suggest a full recharge every three months, the model has been known to die early and refuse to recharge.
  • The charging transformer has failed after 12 to 18 months regardless of use.

The Jump-N-Carry Peak Amp 12-Volt Jump Starter definitely stands out in our battery jump starter reviews for its unmatched power. It has industrial grade clamps and an exceptional 46 inch #2 AWG cable reach to ensure that even the most awkward vehicle positioning won’t be a problem. The powerful and replaceable Clore PROFORMER battery offers an outstanding and extended cranking duration. There’s a built-in charger for the on-board battery which keeps the device always ready.JNC 660 Car jump starter

This is a top jump starter with an impressive output and auto circuit protection for preventing overload.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Clore Automotive
Product dimensions 16.3 x 14.1 x 5.1 inches
Item Weight 1 pound
Model number JNC660


The Jump-N-Carry Peak Amp 12-Volt Jump Starter from Clore has 1700 peak amps, PROFORMER battery tech, lengthy #2 AWB cables, function for monitoring the on-board battery’s power status and a DC outlet for powering 12 volt accessories. The model comes with options for the standard amp, a premium version or amp with compressor. Know that this best battery jumper provides a great return for your investment.

2. Stanley 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter with CompressorStanley JC509 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter


  • This is an ideal solution for jump starting a car, truck, boat, RV, motorcycle or tractor.
  • The device has a 12 volt DC outlet and a USB power port for charging your phone or other devices without extensively draining the jump starter.
  • The charger comes with an LED light that swivels 270 degrees so you can put light where you need it.

  • Users have found the charger to be insufficient when attempting to power even a lawn mower.
  • The device has stopped charging completely.
  • The compressor has been said to be extremely slow with a hose fitting of cheap design.
With its sleek and powerful design, the Stanley 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter with Compressor will ensure you never know that feeling of being stranded and alone with a failed battery. This is a best car battery charger and jump starter with a simple operation. Connect the clamps to the battery, flip the switch, turn the ignition key and the engine starts. The charger delivers 500 amps and 1000 peak amps of power for starting the most stubborn battery.Stanley J5C09 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter

The jump starter has a USB port for powering devices and a 120 psi compressor for ensuring tires are sufficiently pressurized.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Stanley
Product dimensions 11.2 x 8 x 13.5 inches
Item Weight 18 pounds
Model number J5C09


Our jump starter reviews reveal the Stanley 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter with Compressor to be a reliable resource for powering a range of engine batteries. With its LED lights, USB ports and durable compressor, you will be prepared for the worst of situations. You’ll never again be dependent on a stranger driving by or even your cell phone to get the help you need.

3. Jump-N-Carry 900 Peak Amp Ultraportable Jump Starter with LightJump-N-Carry JNC300XL 900 Peak


  • Its 12 volt operation, 225 cranking amps and 900 peak amps ensure you have the power you need at all times.
  • The full size clamps have enough strength to penetrate any battery corrosion.
  • The device comes with a flashlight when illumination is needed at night or in emergency situations.
  • The JNC300XL charges quickly, stays charged for months and can turn over the most power engine.

  • Users with experience in jump starters have said this product does not have the SLA PROFORMER battery as seen in the company’s uploaded images.
  • Within weeks of delivery, the fully charged device was dead when needed and could no longer be charged.
  • This item is not eligible for return.
Clore Automotive’s Jump-N-Carry 900 Peak Amp Ultraportable Jump Starter with Light has a cable span of 54 inches with each lead providing 27 inches of reach. The device has a flashlight for emergency use and a 12 volt socket for powering your additional accessories. This car battery starter has automatic charging allowing it to utilize AC power without adverse impact on charging capacity. Its charging system is optimized to minimize power consumption when the unit is recharging or in standby.Jump-N-Carry JNC300XL in usage

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Clore Automotive
Product dimensions 7.2 x 7.8 x 12 inches
Item Weight 9 pounds
Model number JNC300XL


The Jump-N-Carry 900 Peak Amp Ultraportable Jump Starter with Light is one of the best jump starters with its powerful, reliable and convenient utility. It has auto charging, lengthy cables for difficult connection in awkward spacing and a flashlight when you need illumination. The unit has a 12 volt socket that allows for powering of a variety of accessories.
Like many of Clore’s PROFORMER products, this one belongs at the top of any best car battery review.

4. Schumacher Portable ProSeries Peak Amps Jump Starter and Power UnitSchumaher PSJ-2212 DSR ProSeries 2000


  • This jump start car battery is not just ideal for your car, it’ll be great when camping and for power outages.
  • The polypropylene vented case and high impact rubber base were designed for durability and added safety.
  • The device has a reverse hook-up alarm, automatic charger and 12 volt DC feature for charging accessories.

  • Units have been known to have defective digital readouts.
  • Users have had problems getting jump starts from brand new, out-the-box products.
  • Within a short period of time, the device can stop charging.
You will never be stranded without power again. With the Schumacher Portable ProSeries Peak Amps Jump Starter and Power Unit, you get 2200 peak amperes, 275 cold cranking amperes, a built-in three ampere auto charger and 330 cranking amperes. It comes with a 22 Ah high output, professional grade AGM battery and a 12 volt DC power outlet. The heavy duty clamps promise to tackle tough corrosion with its replaceable copper jaws. The device has 50 inch four gauge cables, a durable polypropylene vented case and a rubber base.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Schumacher
Product dimensions 14 x 4.7 x 15.2 inches
Item Weight 26.4 pounds
Model number PSJ-2212


The Schumacher Portable ProSeries Peak Amps Jump Starter and Power Unit will hold up against any portable jump starter review. It has all around incredible ampage, a durable casing designed for safety and a power source for charging your accessories. The heavy duty clamps come with copper jaws that you can replace, giving you the option to extend the life span of this device. This item is ready to offer a broad range of services, but, most importantly, is ready to provide you with power when you need it most.

5. Jump-N-Carry Jump Starter with Power Source and Air CompressorJump-N-Carry JNCAIR 1700-Amp


  • The proprietary PROFORMER batter tech increases charging and cranking power.
  • There’s an integrated air compressor with screw-on chuck and a 12 inch coiled air hose.
  • To maximize ease of use, the device comes with extra long 68 inch cables.
  • The unit has 425 cranking amps and 1700 peak amps.

  • The device has been said to be defective from day one, including refusing to charge.
  • The unit can stop working after a few applications.
  • This item is not eligible for return.
The Jump-N-Carry Jump Starter with Power Source and Air Compressor has multi-function capabilities that take jump starters to the next level. The design promises numerous jumps per charge, high peak amps, automatic charging and guarantees long lasting performance. It has Clove Automotive’s exclusive PROFORMER battery tech, extra long cables and an integrated air compressor.Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR being used to start a car

For 15 years, Clore Automotive has mastered the design, development and production of automotive instruments. With Clore, always expect the best car battery jump starter technology that meets the ever changing needs of the consumer.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Clore Automotive
Product dimensions 6 x 13.5 x 15 inches
Item Weight 28.5 pounds
Model number JNCAIR


The Jump-N-Carry Jump Starter with Power Source and Air Compressor is a powerful, flexible and compact jump starter. It promises consistent cranking and reliable charging. The device has extra long cables for easy connecting. This jump starter has 100 peak amps, 425 cranking amps, PROFORMER battery tech, industrial grade hot jaw clamps, a built-in charger and a 12 foot coiled air hose. It is going to be an invaluable asset.

6. PowerStation PSX-3 18Ah Jump StarterPowerStation PSX-3 jump starter


  • The high volume air compressor has the capacity to inflate tires at twice the speed of competing products.
  • The included 12 volt DC outlet and USB port will let you use and recharge phones, laptops, lamps, televisions and more.
  • While delivering comparable power, the device is more lightweight and smaller than the competition.
  • Designed from a hi-impact plastic and a carbon fiber face plate, this device is near indestructible.

  • The recharge facility is unreliable.
  • The air compressor has been known to fail with low tires.
  • The USB port has been reported to not work at all.

The PowerStation PSX-3 18Ah Jump Starter comes with an air compressor, DC power outlet and USB port. It has a highly efficient EHP 18 ah sealed and rechargeable battery. The 32 inch six AWG industrial cables have 400 amp clamps. The high volume air compressor can inflate tires at twice the speed of comparable products with 160 psi. When needed, use the ultra-bright LED lights for illuminating your surroundings.

An updated version of the original PSX, this device is constructed with a carbon fiber face plate and high impact plastic. Use the 12 volt power resource or the USB port to charge up personal devices or as a backup during an emergency.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer PowerStation
Product dimensions 12 x 12 x 9 inches
Item Weight 20.6 pounds
Model number PSX3


The PowerStation PSX-3 18Ah Jump Starter has portability and the facility to power devices and gives you extra light when needed. Whether you need a solution for high pressure compression to juice up tires, a jump start for your car battery or a means to juice digital devices, this is a new and improved product ready to make all these tasks easy.

7. Duracell Powerpack Pro 1300Duracell Powerpack Pro 1300


  • This device can start vehicles with up to eight cylinders.
  • The 160 psi air compressor can be used for roadside emergencies and inflating recreational and sports equipment.
  • The inverter with integrated 600 watts can power up to two household items from anywhere.
  • The system ensures inverter performance by minimizing extensive temperature and overload conditions.

  • A brand new unit has been reported to fail after only a few uses.
  • It has been said DuracellDirect – the company’s call center – can be non-responsive.
  • Out the box, customers have had difficulty getting the unit charged.
The Duracell Powerpack Pro 1300 is another rugged, reliable tool and possibly the best jump starter. From roadside situations to power outages and remote operations, the Powerpack Pro 1300 provides serious fire power. Besides reigniting a dead car battery, this is the solution when a cigarette dashboard, an outlet or any other electrical source isn’t available. It can power small appliances, popular devices and power tools.Duracell Powerpack Pro Additional Image

The heart of the design is in its 18 ampere per hour AGM battery. The battery is tied to a power converter pumping 600 watts to a pair of grounded AC outlets and a DC socket.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Duracell
Product dimensions 17.5 x 14 x 11.5 inches
Item Weight 23 pounds
Model number DR600PWR


Like many of its products, the Duracell Powerpack Pro 1300 is lauded among jump starter reviews. It’s a heavy duty solution with plenty of power to manage recreation, work and emergency backup situations. It has dual USB ports, dual AC wall outlets, the emergency jump starter, a battery level indicator, safety reflectors and an adjustable LED light. All these features (and more) definitely puts this item on the list of the best portable car jump starters.

8. Schumacher 1200 Peak Amp Portable Power Source and Jump StarterSchumacher XP2260 jumpstarter


  • A convenient on/off switch activates the unit’s jump starter mode.
  • The LED battery status feature lets you know when the battery needs to be charged.
  • The maintenance free acid battery with lead sealing can be stored in any position.

  • The air compressor has been described as a big disappointment.
  • Even on a full charge, the unit has been known to power some devices for only a little over an hour.
  • Customer service is said to be difficult to work with.
With the single flip of an on/off switch, the Schumacher 1200 Peak Amp Portable Power Source and Jump Starter will start any dead battery. The built in charger automatically manages the charging of the unit’s internal battery. It simply has to be connected to an extension cord (not included) for recharging. Track battery status through an LED status bar to know how strong the battery is. The clamps promise to fit easily on side and top mounted batteries. The cables will be flexible regardless of how cold it is outside. The sealed acid battery will be maintenance free, meaning it can be stored in any position.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Schumacher
Product dimensions 12.2 x 12.5 x 12.1 inches
Item Weight 24 pounds
Model number XP2260


Whether you want to power a television while camping or find yourself in the midst of an unfortunate roadside emergency, the Schumacher 1200 Peak Amp Portable Power Source and Jump Starter will be a powerful asset. The unit has the functionality for everything from powering a cell phone to confirming tire pressure and more.

9. Black & Decker 500 Amp Jump Starter with Built in CompressorBlack & Decker JUS500IB


  • For a maximized performance, the device has 500 instant starting amps and 1000 peak amps.
  • The unit is designed with a low profile, making for easy storage in the trunk, garage or basement.
  • The compressor has inflated tires from 0 to 2000 without overheating inside of five minutes.
  • Audible and visual reverse polarity alarms warn you if connections to battery terminals are incorrect.

  • A common issue is the unit showing full charge on the tester when plugged in, but said charge dying when unplugged.
  • Unit has been known to stop working after a few uses.
  • It’s been reported the manufacturer does not stand behind its products.
  • This item cannot be returned.
The Black & Decker 500 Amp Jump Starter with Built in Compressor is going to make getting back on the road easier than ever. It’s a 500 amp device. The unit has a 120 psi inflator for keeping tires, air mattresses, sporting equipment and other applicable items firm. The unit has a low profile and innovative design, making for easy storage. It’s equipped with a bright area light for dark conditions. Safety features include audio and visual cues to manage reverse polarity warnings when there are improper connections.Black & Decker JUS500IB 500 Amp Jump Starter with Built in Compressor

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Black & Decker
Product dimensions 14 x 6.8 x 12.8 inches
Item Weight 1 pound
Model number JUS500IB


The Black & Decker 500 Amp is the best jump starter with a compressor and has been known to provide quality service for many years. It holds its charge for a good period of time and retains a significant amount of power. Its portability makes it an easy use for the car, the house or an outdoor project.

10. CAT 2000 Peak Amp Jump StarterCAT CJ3000 2000 Peak Amp Jump Starter


  • The unit has 1000 A instant starting power and 2000 A peak.
  • The device has the power to jump start most 12 volt vehicles.
  • Developed originally for military use, the AGM battery was designed for weight, power, safety and reliability.
  • Use the 12 volt accessory outlet to power your electrical accessories when an outlet is unavailable.

  • The device has been reported to not charge straight out of the box.
  • This charger has failed to jump larger vehicles.
The CAT 2000 Peak Amp Jump Starter can jump the majority of 12 volt vehicles, including SUVs and trucks. It comes with a heavy duty AGM internal battery designed for the worst cold weather. There are industrial grade, powder coated spark metal clamps. It also has a set of features to manage reverse polarity and employs a single power switch for quick and safe operation. The device has an emergency flasher, a 12 volt DC accessory outlet and a convenient LED light when you need to illuminate the area.CAT CJ3000 jumpstarter being used to start a car

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer CAT
Product dimensions 18 x 8 x 14 inches
Item Weight 23 pounds
Model number CJ3000


The CAT 2000 Peak Amp Jump Starter has plenty of power and a superior build for cold weather performance. It can jump start a range of SUVs and trucks. The LED light and emergency flasher will come in handy in low light conditions. It has a sleek, slim design, making it an easy to carry and store option. With this unit close by, no matter where you are, you will always have access to a reliable power source.

Best Portable Jump Starters

1. Micro-Start XR-10 Portable Jump StarterAntigravity Batteries AG-XP-10 Multi-Function Power Supply


  • This device is the best selling mini jumper, considered the product that launched mini jump starters.
  • It’s small enough to carry in a pocket, but has the power to jump cars, trucks, ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles and boats.
  • The device has a 19 volt port for laptops, a 12 volt standard output and a pair of five volt UBS.

  • Users have received knockoffs of the XR-10 that quickly decrease in performance.
  • The charge has been known to diminish erratically regardless of consistent charge or use.
  • The device has been said to stop functioning after a few uses.
The Micro-Start XR-10 Portable Jump Starter has been called the best car jump starter bar none. It’s the winner of the 2013 SEMA New Products Award and is considered the industry standard in its category. Viewed as one of the original compact battery jump starters, it can juice batteries with gas engines of up to 6L V8 capacity. It has a standard 12 volt output and two five volt USB ports. There’s a 100 Lumen LED flashlight, built-in over-discharge and over-charge protection to manage the battery’s life span.Antigravity Batteries AG-XP-10 Multi-Function Power Supply and Jump Starter

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Antigravity Batteries
Product dimensions 6.75 x 3.25 x 1 inches
Item Weight 15.25 ounces
Model number XR-10


Whenever you go, you will always be able to jump start your engine or make a phone call with the Micro-Start XR-10 Portable Jump Starter. It prevents reverse polarity connections, over charging and short circuiting. You get a multi-tip USB cable, 12 volt universal cable, wall and mobile chargers, and jumper clamps. Charge your phones, lap tops, GoPros, mobile game consoles and more anywhere and everywhere you go.

2. DBPOWER 400 A Peak 12000 mAh Portable Car Jump StarterPhoto of the DBPOWER 400A Best Pocket Jump Starter


  • This small jump starter can charge phones, tablets, laptops and other devices at 2.1 amps of speed per port.
  • The integrated LED flashlight has three modes: high, strobe and SOS.
  • The unit’s safety features include protection against over current, voltage, overload and charging.
  • The portable charger has rubber feet to manage better surface gripping.
  • Powerful, but compact and light, the charger can be carried in a bag, pocket or left in the glove box.

  • The flashlight has not worked on some units.
  • The battery has died within a year.
The DBPOWER 400 A Peak 12000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter has an auto battery booster, a charger phone power bank, dual USB ports and a three mode LED flashlight. Despite its ultra compact design, the device has the power to pump engines with 3L gas and 2.5 liter diesel design up to 15 times on a single charge. The included crocodile clamps have short circuit, current, over voltage, over charge and overload protection. Leave it in the glove box so that it’s exactly where you need it whenever you want 400 amps of peak current.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer DBPOWER
Product dimensions 9.7 x 5.3 x 4 inches
Item Weight 2.4 pounds


The DBPOWER 400 A Peak 12000 mAh Portable Car Jump Starter has shown to be a reliable device with its 1200 mAh of power, charger phone power bank and quick jump start capabilities. Surprisingly small, it is one car instrument that will ensure you and loved ones are never left stranded anywhere on the road. Everyone will be able to make a phone call and get back on the road with little fuss.

3. PowerAll Rosso Portable Power Bank and Car Jump Starter PowerAll PBJS12000R Best Portable Jump Starter


  • This is a compact and lightweight battery charger with the utility to keep all your electronics running.
  • The jumper can get your weakened battery recharged up to 20 times on a single charge.
  • It has an ultra-bright LED flashlight.
  • The 12,000 mAh high capacity battery ensures a long lasting performance.

  • Devices have been known to not work or to stop working completely after anywhere after one or several uses.
  • Users have made note of heating so severe the device glowed through the casing.
For the ultimate on the go power resource, the PowerAll Rosso Portable Power Bank and Car Jump Starter stands out among portable jump starter reviews. When traveling, this is the device you want for ensuring your phones, tablets, camcorders and cameras, GPS and MP3 units, wireless headphones and gaming systems are always powered. The unit also has a fast and reliable jump starter, LED flashlight for different uses and a range of built-in protection features, including auto-stabilization of output voltage and auto shut-offs to prevent damage to electronic devices.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer PowerAll
Product dimensions 6.5 x 2.9 x 1.2 inches
Item Weight 1 pound
Model number PBJS12000R


The PowerAll Rosso Portable Power Bank and Car Jump Starter is a combination of different products. This jump start pack is a car jump starter, a battery charger and a LED flashlight. Other features include two 5 volt UBS ports, and AC and DC chargers. Yet, the device is compact enough to store in a glove box and lightweight enough to carry in a purse or coat pocket. This multi-function jumper will be a convenient way to keep a power source wherever you go.

4. Brightech SCORPION Portable Car Battery Jump Starter with SmartJump TechnologyBrightech - SCORPION Portable Car Battery Jump Starter


  • Safe and easy to apply, this device can revive riding lawnmowers, RVs, SUVs, ATVs, pickups and diesel engines.
  • SmartJump tech protects against reverse polarity, overcharges and short circuiting, safeguarding the device and any vehicle.
  • The SCORPION has a micro USB, Apple 30 pin and Apple lightning.
  • The LED is a bright 90 Lumens and activated with the push of a button.

  • The device has been reported to fail shortly after delivery.
  • Consumers have had difficulty getting the jumper to start anything.
  • Customer support is said to be unresponsive.
The Brightech SCORPION Portable Car Battery Jump Starter with SmartJump Technology is a combination handheld jump box and battery charger for personal electronic and mobile Devices. At only 14 ounces, you can easily transport the device but use its surprising power to revive diesel and V6 engines. The device is powered by a 37 Wh lithium battery with a 400 amp peak.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Brightech
Product dimensions 10.4 x 7.6 x 2.4 inches
Item Weight 14 ounces
Model number Scp02


The Brightech SCORPION Portable Car Battery Jump Starter with SmartJump Technology is compact, lightweight and powerful. It’s compatible with 3L and lower engines, as well as 2.5 liter diesel vehicles. With its sleek crimson red design, the product will conveniently let you travel without worry, keeping your electronics alive and ensuring you are never trapped on the side of the road. The SCORPION Portable Car Battery is a lithium jump starter with a broad range of features that will make your traveling life easier in every way, saving time, money and grief.

5. PowerGo 12 Volt Car Battery Jump StarterChromo PowerGo 12 Car Battery Jump Starter


  • The battery has options for charging tablets, laptops and smartphones, as well as the capacity to power appliances during a camping trip or other outdoor activity.
  • Store it in the glove box, leave it in your bag or put it a side pocket of the car, but you can keep it where it’s convenient and ready for use.
  • The PowerGo Battery provides eight jump starts on a full charge.

  • The device has at least one report of exploding on itself even when it wasn’t in use.
  • The product has died within a year.
  • The output voltage should have better safety features as it can be changed unintentionally.
The PowerGo 12 Volt Car Battery Jump Starter is what you need for outages and emergency situations, offering an array of possibilities including powering electronic devices and jump starting a dead car battery. The device is powered by a 13600 mAh battery and has a starting current of 200 A and peak of 400 A.

It is unlikely your device cannot be powered by the PowerGo. There are seven phone connections and eight personal device connections. The LED flashlight gives you illumination under dark and dangerous conditions. The light can also be used to send distress signals with the flip of a switch.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Chromo Inc
Product dimensions 10.5 x 7.5 x 2.6 inches
Item Weight 2.4 pounds
Model number 661663267


With the PowerGo 12 Volt Car Battery Jump Starter, you’ll have a convenient and handy travel kit. Use the 13800 mAh battery to boost up your engine or to spark the battery and get the engine cranking. Compact with a minimal design, this will be the ultimate travel companion.

What is a Jump Starter and What Jump Starter Types are Available?

Jump starters have always been life savers.

Best Jump StarterThere was a time when you needed a set of jumper cables but also needed a kind person to let you use their car to jump yours. Unfortunately, if we didn’t have cables, we had to hope the other person did. The worst scenario was paying a tow company or mechanic to come out with cables.

Besides being expensive, it can be frustrating to sit in your car – sometimes for hours – waiting for someone to come out solely to hook cables up to the battery and flip on the ignition. That’s why it’s practical to have a fully charged jump starter in the car at all times.

The latest tech for the best jump starters dispenses with the need for a third party. There is a whole generation of devices that don’t require a connection between car batteries. These jump starter packs only need charging to be ready for deployment.

The average battery is good for an average five years, but the battery isn’t invincible. One of the most common factors for a dead battery is leaving some component of the vehicle running and draining the battery completely. This can be keys left in the ignition or leaving lights on. Another cause is leaving the vehicle sitting unused for a long period of time. The battery can lose effectiveness if left in extreme cold weather.

By using a jumper, you send a burst of electrical current into the battery. It’s all the battery needs for a quick start and getting the engine up and running. You can also use the jumper to fully charge the battery and potentially extend its life span.

best jump startersThe tech in this field has also extended beyond battery charging. We’ve reviewed hundreds of these products and have yet to come across one that doesn’t offer benefits beyond boosting a vehicle. Chargers have flashlights, some of which can send SOS signals. Families love that chargers can power cellphones, tablets and laptops. Drivers are taking these devices with them camping and using included outlets to power a television or radio.

While you certainly want a jumper for keeping a car battery charged, get the best portable battery jumper you can buy. Here are few types to consider.

  • Portable Jump Starters

Vector drawing of a backpackWhile there are all sizes and designs, the standard portable device can be bulky and weigh up to 20 pounds or more. These chargers can be taken wherever the car goes. For general purposes, they come with cables, clamps and the battery charger itself.

In today’s market, chargers will have other functions, but you can save a few dollars by buying a generic portable that serves its basic function.

  • Multi-function Jump Starters

Vector art of a swiss army knifeA multi-function portable battery charger will not only have the facility to keep a car running but other convenient uses. One feature is a flashlight, allowing you to see in the dark while charging the battery or if you need illumination in a low lit environment. The light itself can have functionality like flashing an SOS.

Many chargers have at least one standard 12 volt outlet. This makes them perfect for utilizing a radio, television or other electrical appliance. The charger can have ports for charging phones, laptops and other personal devices. This greatly eliminates the possibility of not being able to use your devices on a long trip because they died.

  • Jump Starters with Air Compressors

Vector art of a turbulent windAir compressors are becoming standard components of many jump starter packs. The best jump starter with an air compressor allows you to maintain tire pressure, something a lot of car owners do not take seriously. If you found yourself with a flat, you could fill the tire and get to the nearest shop to see what happened.

Air compressors are also great to have for putting air in sporting equipment, balloons, air mattresses and other items that require inflating.

  • Pocket Sized Jump Starters

Vector art of a smartphone sized gadgetThe latest innovation in jump starters is the pocket sized device. These can weigh only a few ounces and be held in the palm of your hand. Yet, they can have the capacity to power a boat or tractor. Many pocket sized units have the facility to charge all your mobile devices. These products can be left in the car or easily carried everywhere you go in case you ever need a flashlight (if one is featured) or to quickly charge your phone.

Whether a multi-function or pocket sized device, the best portable car battery jump starter is going to make a world of difference in the way you travel and handle emergency and personal situations.

How Does a Jump Starter Work?

While it’s application is simple, what a jumper battery does is actually quite phenomenal. The modern car is designed with some of the most sophisticated circuitry. Think of the combustion chamber alone. It utilizes air, fuel, pressure and electricity to create a series of explosions that push pistons and in turn gets your vehicle moving. There’s cooling and heating systems, and other components that make your ride efficient and comfortable.

But no matter how expensive the vehicle and features or how powerful and fast the engine, if the battery dies, you’re just sitting in a chunk of metal weighing thousands of pounds.

When you hook up a jumper, you’re transferring a burst of electricity – or amperage – to the battery. This is an incredibly quick process considering how the charger will turn the most unfortunate situation around.

The device comes with colored clamps. These are attached to battery terminals. They will either be color coordinated or have positive and negative signs. Red is always for positive and black is negative. Many devices will tell you if the polarity is wrong.

Once clamps are connected, you turn on the charger. You would then turn the ignition key. It may take more than one try with you turning the battery off and on a few times, but usually the engine kicks in right away. Some models may put out peak amps immediately without needing the unit to be powered on.

The battery boosts the cranking amps of the car battery and gets you back on the road. Note that corroded or dirty battery terminals can interfere with creating a good connection and hamper the transference of optimal peak amps. It would be a sound practice to occasionally wipe down the terminals when the engine is cool so that they are clean.

Make sure you keep even the toughest and best battery jump starter safely stored in cool, dry areas. Avoid leaving it in the car during the winter as this can drain the device and compromise the wire covers on the clamps. Keep them sufficiently charged, especially if you haven’t used them in a while. The battery can gradually weaken, especially if it’s not attended to on a regular basis.

How to Jump Start Your Car?

If you don’t know how to use a jump starter, you won’t be able to use if effectively when you need it most and could even damage the battery or vehicle. Read the instructions of your model carefully and keep them with you whenever you travel with the best portable car battery charger.

There are some traditional steps for using a jump starter successfully.

  1. If you have goggles, it is advised you wear them throughout this operation.
  2. Open the hood of your vehicle (or whatever covers the engine of your car, boat, lawnmower, van, etc.).
  3. The battery should be fairly obvious to spot. It is usually an unobstructed sizable box (for easy removal) in the main motor with two terminals for the starter’s crocodile clamps. Look for the terminal or cylinder that will have a plus (+) sign on it. This component will most likely be red. If you’re having trouble finding it, refer to your vehicle’s manual for the location.
  4. Remove the jump post caps, if there are any. If the unit has a power switch, make sure it is in the “Off” position.
  5. Attach the red (positive) alligator clamp to the red battery terminal. Attach the black clamp to the black terminal. If there is no second terminal, use the immobile metal component of the car body. This component will be away from the battery but within distance of the jump starter device.
  6. Check to ensure the jumper and its cables are securely in position. They should not lay across the engine, especially along any moving parts.
  7. If the car battery has a power switch, make sure it is returned to the “On” position.
  8. Before hitting the unit’s power button, face away from the unit. The battery contains caustic, dangerous and flammable chemicals that have been known to spark and even explode. This is why many professionals connect the negative (-) clamp to a ground instead of directly to the battery terminal.
  9. Hit the battery’s power switch.
  10. Get in the vehicle and turn the ignition key.
  11. If the engine starts, give it a minute to fully rev up.
  12. Go back to the jumper and shut it off.
  13. Disconnect the clamps, starting with the negative first.
  14. Should the engine not start, turn the car ignition key off. Return to the battery jumper and turn it off. Wait a minute or two, turn the battery back on and try the ignition again.
  15. If the jumper is heated, let it cool before trying again.
  16. After several attempts, the car battery should kick in. If it doesn’t, you may have to remove the battery and have it checked.

Jump Starters for Your Motorcycle

Like any type of vehicle, the battery on a hog can die from time to time. To quickly rectify the situation, you may want to have a jump starter in your toolkit. It will not only be invaluable in case of an emergency, you can use it for a number of other situations.

Before buying any motorcycle jump starter, know exactly what you’re looking for. Here are a few things to consider when comparing units.


Vector art of three dimensional geometryWhen choosing the best starter motorcycle pack, you have to consider storage. Unlike the majority of vehicles, riders won’t have a trunk or other enclosed space to put a clunky jumper.

You have to focus on small portable units. Fortunately, there are powerful battery chargers that can be carried in a coat pocket.

Go Lithium!

Vector art of a batteryThanks to the latest tech, an unit with a lithium battery promises to be powerful and small. Many jump starters with lithium tech have the facility to charge up an SUV.

You can probably manage any number of boosts on a single charge, as well as take advantage of their ability to charge your phone or other mobile device.

Look for Practical Features

Vector art of a few useful repair toolsFeatures like LED flashlights and power banks are becoming standard with the best portable battery jump starter. If you’re riding long and want to keep your phone, laptop or tablet charged, you can do it with the right battery charger. The flashlight will be useful whenever you need to light up a dark area.

You can also get a device with an air compressor. This will allow you to keep your tires sufficiently pumped for pressure and extend their life by minimizing wear.


Shield vector drawingLook for devices that will protect you and your motorcycle. Everything from short circuits to overloads can create problems. The average product will likely have a straightforward production but factors in inherent risks. Any purchased unit should have safety features in place to prevent mishaps.

With these ideas in mind, selecting a portable jump starter won’t be time consuming. These are the key aspects you want to check off the list to ensure you pick a product that meets your hog’s specific needs.

Jump Starters vs. Battery Chargers

While everyone – even this site – has the tendency to use the terms interchangeably, there are actually major differences between a battery charger and a jump starter.

Jump Starters

A jump starter will not recharge a vehicle’s battery.

Vector drawing of alligator clipsA jump starter can be a blessing if you’re stuck on the side of the road. If charged sufficiently, it can act as a battery charger, getting the car started if the actual battery has drained. This means getting your engine started in an emergency situation.

A jump starter needs to be recharged, especially after use. They should also be recharged if there are big gaps between uses.

The internal battery is the unit’s source of power and that power can gradually diminish, especially if the battery isn’t used periodically.

The jump starter’s major purpose is giving vehicles a quick boost when they won’t start. Jump starters also have the function of powering personal electronic devices and small appliances.

Battery Chargers

Battery ChargersThe best car battery charger is designed primarily to convert 110-120 volt AC to 12 volt DC current for the purpose of powering a discharged car battery. Unlike a jump starter, these devices must be plugged into an electrical outlet in order to utilize them.

The standard battery charger only works with 12 volt batteries. You can get a battery designed to manage proper voltage storage or otherwise risk damaging the unit.

Benefits of Both These Devices

While they have their unique properties, choosing between the best car charger or the best jump starter both aim for the same results.

  • They maximize battery life.
  • They are designed from quality engineering.
  • They maintain and monitor car battery performance.
  • They save money, time and grief for the car owner.
  • They recondition dead and old batteries.
  • They are an affordable investment that protect your car.
  • They are easy to use.
  • They can have multi-purposes, greatly broadening their utility.


If you’re on the fence and still trying to figure out the jump starters versus battery chargers debate, use the above information to help you make an educated decision about which will most likely suit your long term needs.

Once you buy one, make sure you manage it properly. They need to be stored in dry, cool areas if they’re not being used. During extremely cold weather, do not leave them in the car. This can drain power and harm the plastic clamp wire covers. You should also always ensure the device is kept sufficiently charged to optimize its performance when it will be needed.

Jump Starter FAQ

How do I choose the best jumper starter?

While all devices do basically the same thing, they are not necessarily equal. Look over the many designs and their features. Review voltages, prices and what you’re planning to use it for (motorcycle, boat, RV, etc.). Decide what extras best suit you. There are flashlights and power banks for charging personal devices. You can get a larger jumper for your truck or a small handheld product for a motorcycle.

Do batteries come fully charged?

While some companies may claim to ship fully charged, it has to be remembered charges can diminish over time. New units should always be charged. After this, they should be recharged at least once a month or after usage.

What happens if I hook up the jump starter wrong?

Avoid this by reading the manual and reviewing safety warning labels on the product itself. Always make sure the starter is in the “Off” position before making any connection as that could lead to irreparable damage.

The more advanced tech in these devices include a feature that provides both visual and audible cues should you do reverse the polarity. In other words, while you can certainly and mistakenly mix the clamps, you will likely know it before anything goes wrong.

What kind of devices can I plug into a jumper starter?

You can buy jump starters with both outlets and ports. This means you can utilize just about any small appliance or mobile device you have on you. Campers use these starters to watch a little television or to listen to the radio. Depending on how many ports and their type, you can use a jumper to power your Samsung Galaxy or iPhone, as well as a range of laptops and other personal devices.

What’s the difference between a battery charger and jump starter?

Jumpers spark a vehicle’s engine. They have portable internal batteries with cables attached. Charged fully, a jump starter will boost an engine without needing a second engine or an outlet. The battery charger has no internal battery and will need to be plugged in to perform its function which is to charge or maintain the charge of a battery. For more, go here.

Where to Buy Best Jump Starter

Best Jump StarterA jump starter is a major investment. We strongly advise that even if you plan to purchase a cheap jump starter, you purchase the most powerful and feature-rich one your money can buy. Look for reviews and customer experiences. Go into shops like AutoZone and Pep Boys or Wal-Mart, and talk with the reps who specialize in jump starters.

Another great resource includes manufacturer websites. Read blogs and check forums. There are many consumers ready to share their advice, tips and experiences. You can also get a top rated jump starter on Amazon. They will likely have anything you could find in your local store, but offer an even broader range of options that won’t be in your local store.

Time your purchase right and you could land a jump starter on sale, getting the best product at a significant savings. Amazon actually offers discounts on these devices regularly.


jump starters We hope everything we’ve brought together here has helped you better understand how jump starters work and how to find the best ones. Just remember, among the opportunities to consider are:

  • Internal battery strength and duration
  • Flexibility of cable length and clamps
  • Air compressors
  • Flash and emergency lights
  • Inverts
  • 12 volt accessory receptables
  • Power banks

By deciding which of these features mean more to you, you don’t just increase getting the device right for you, you can also save money. Why pay for a full power bank for multiple devices if you’re only ever charge a single phone? A motorcyclist won’t need the heavy duty performance required to run a tractor or yacht.

Whatever your circumstances, with this info, you’re three step closer to knowing exactly what to do and what to look for. We’re sure you’re going to buy the best jump starter that’s going to enhance a lot of your operations.

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